Welcome to the EOTO Street Team!

We are a collective of international fans working to spread the word about EOTO, the music and their tours. We are always looking for new volunteers to help hang up posters or pass out handbills in the areas the band is scheduled to perform – not only to promote to those who already follow EOTO, but to also attract new listeners! For your time, you can earn free tickets to the show, free merch or even a meet n’ greet with band!


  • Hang up a minimum of 10 posters. (Examples of locations: record/music stores, coffee shops, book stores, sandwich shops, grocery stores/co-ops, etc.)  You will need to take a photo of each poster you put up.
  • Hand out a minimum of 200 handbills at like-minded shows, as well as put small stacks in similar stores to those mentioned above.
  • Get the word out on facebook, twitter and any other social networks you are on!  We will ask you to change your profile pic to the show poster, invite all your friends in the area (and ones that will travel) to the event, make a few posts a week tagging the show event, etc.  We will ask you to take screenshots of your online work.

We then ask that you report back to us with:

  • All of locations of where you were able to hang up the posters and the photos taken of each poster hung.
  • All of the shows (band names, venue names and date of the shows) that you were able to hand out the handbills, (during the show and as people exit).
  • All of the screenshots of your online work.

If this sounds like something you would like to do, please join our party and fill out the form below!


If you have any specific questions about the street team for an upcoming show, please email Andrea at streetteam@eotomusic.org.